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Media Kit

Nikole and Jay founded Couple Cofounders podcast, where they dig into the challenges and, yes, pain-in-the- ass struggles that entrepreneurs face in their romantic relationships.

Nikole Pearson and Jay Wilhite are both life partners and business partners, successful entrepreneurs in their own rights who’ve joined forces to create a joint business—and explore why the entrepreneurial journey is such a struggle for so many couples. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their relationships to support their growing businesses.

The Couple Cofounders podcast explores the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face in their relationships. Building a business is hard, but building that business while maintaining and growing a relationship is even harder! This podcast is dedicated to bringing you the experts, experiences, insight, and support to ensure your relationship is just as strong and successful as your business. Whether just one of you is an entrepreneur or both of you are, you’ll learn the keys to strengthening your relationship without sacrificing your business—and strengthening your business without sacrificing your relationship. 

All in a friendly, insightful, and supportive, and slightly irreverent environment!

As podcasters we love to interview our guests, but we also love to have the tables turned!

If you have a podcast, webinar or live event, well we’d love to hear from you to see how we could help!

Some of the topics that we love to talk about include:

  • Working and living together
  • Who’s the boss? (not necessarily the hilarious 80’s sitcom starring Tony Danza)
  • The D-word (divorce, get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • Aligning your intentions
  • Most any topic you’d like to suggest… we’re flexible!

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