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Level Up–Without Breaking Up

The Couple Cofounders podcast is where we dig into the challenges and, yes, pain-in-the ass struggles that couple entrepreneurs face. Our goal is to shed some light on these challenges and, with the help of our experts and guests, give you the tactics and support to get through them.

Building a business is hard, but building that business while maintaining and growing a relationship is even harder! This podcast is dedicated to bringing you the experts, experiences, insight, and support to ensure your relationship is just as strong and successful as your business.

Hi, I’m Nikole. Despite my best efforts, I ran my marriage into the ground while building a successful business with my ex.
Hi, I’m Jay, and I believed the lie that a 9 to 5 provided security, and I swore I would never be an entrepreneur.
Despite a pinky promise that we would never, ever work together, we’ve been running a successful 7-figure business side-by-side for almost 5 years.
We aren’t married…yet…
But, we believe your life partner can be your perfect business partner.
We believe working together means sharing your days….and your passions…to build a business around your lifestyle.
We also believe you can work together without sacrificing your relationship.
So, listen in, if you’re ready to get the most out of your business AND your relationship because we’re sharing the secrets (and many, many lessons we’ve learned) to building a successful business…from your relationship out.

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Finally, a podcast exclusively for couple cofounders who want to build their business on the foundation of a solid relationship

Give us a, “Hell, yes!” if you’re looking for a podcast that adds more than just noise! We agree. Which is why each week we deliver relatable, no-holds-barred personal stories from other couple cofounders combined with actionable solutions from world-class experts.

This podcast is for you if:

  • You and/or your significant other is an entrepreneur
  • You’re trying to figure out how to balance the personal and professional parts of your life
  • You’re having trouble understanding your partner’s work life and work style, or your partner doesn’t understand yours
  • Your business and/or your relationship are struggling since adding your partner to your business
  • You’re feeling resentful of your partner, or your partner is resenting you
  • You’re not feeling emotionally supported by your partner
  • You want to know how to strengthen your relationship without sacrificing your business

Couple Cofounders Confessions

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