006 Opposites Attract, but Can They Work Together?

Jan 30, 2019

006 Opposites Attract, but Can They Work Together?

Jan 30, 2019

A chair sits on Nikole’s side of the closet. Every week, the chair disappears under a pile of clothes. The pile begins with jeans neatly folded on the seat, a bra or two hang off the back, and pajamas and t-shirts top off the pile. Sometimes, a lone slipper or a few mismatched socks peak out from between the metal legs. Each week, on laundry day, Jay asks Nikole to move her clothes from the chair to the hamper so he can do the laundry.

For a few hours each week, the chair sits empty. Until Nikole gets ready for bed, and then the process starts over again.

In contrast, Jay’s side of the closet is spotless. His shoes carefully line the floor and his clothes are hung just as one would expect: shirts here, pants there. His dirty clothes are carefully sorted in the 3-compartment hamper.

One need merely glance into their closet to see that Jay and Nikole are complete opposites. And, as we know, opposites attract.

Being attracted to your opposite can create some interesting challenges for couples, but it also creates the chemistry required for any successful relationship. Chemistry in a relationship is the undefinable quality that draws you to another. It is the spark you feel when you first meet someone or the tension that develops as your attraction for someone grows.

Chemistry in a romantic relationship is mandatory.

Chemistry in your working relationship? Well…that can have unintended consequences.

In today’s episode, Jay and Nikole share how their personality differences have caused humorous disagreements and full-on work crises. Yes, it’s true, opposites attract. But, can they work together?

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