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022 Announcement: The Future of Couple Cofounders

May 22, 2019

022 Announcement: The Future of Couple Cofounders

May 22, 2019

“When words are your reputation, choose Peak Science Communications!”

Pretty catchy, right?

Those 9 words were the first slogan we ever used for our company, Peak Science Communications. And while I find it cringe worthy now, at the time, I was so proud of it that I put it in the footer of our letterhead and fax coversheet (yes, it was THAT long ago), on the home page of our website, and on every other piece of marketing that went out the door.

In today’s episode, we take you on a short journey down memory lane, and Nikole retells how Peak Science transitioned from a company that sold—or at least tried to sell—newsletter templates to chiropractors to the multi-seven figure company that it is today.

Honestly, if you don’t believe you can build a successful business, then you need to listen to this episode. You can absolutely find your ideal customer, develop the product your customer wants, and perfect your messaging…IF you listen to the feedback the world gives you and you pivot accordingly.

Which is exactly why Couple Cofounders podcast is taking a short, 3-week break.

We’ve spent the last 4 months releasing podcasts with different formats and on different topics. And, we’ve listened to your feedback. We know what you want to hear more of, and what we need to abandon (much like Nikole’s dream of launching a successful print newsletter business).

We have also refined our message and gotten really clear on why we started this business and what we envision for its future.

When we return on Monday, June 17, we will be coming back with fresh content, free stuff, new friends, and new branding! We will even be unveiling a brand new website.

Be sure to check back here on Monday, June 17 so that you don’t miss a thing. And if you aren’t subscribed, be sure to click the link below and get subscribed. That way, you won’t forget that we are changing our release day from Wednesday to Monday.

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