020 Foolproof Methods for Quickly Ending Any Argument with Your Spouse

May 8, 2019

020 Foolproof Methods for Quickly Ending Any Argument with Your Spouse

May 8, 2019

Today’s guest is Rebecca Douros. Rebecca is a certified life coach who has studied under the industry’s top leaders, including Kylie Slavik, Jim Fortin, James Wedmore, Mitch Matthews, Todd Herman, and Sara Anna Powers. Rebecca has combined her passion for mindset mastery with powerful, transformational coaching skills to equip women to live their most authentic, empowered lives.

In today’s episode, Rebecca pulls back the curtain to reveal to you—and her friends and family—that her relationship with her fiancée has not always been as perfect as it seems.

On the outside, Rebecca’s relationship seemed charmed. Her and her fiancée have amazing jobs they love with the flexibility and freedom to spend time together and to travel. But what you couldn’t see was that Rebecca and her fiancée were having the same fight, over and over. And when they fought, they were both so hardwired into their patterns and habits, that the fight would spiral out of control. Before she knew it, her fiancée would be angrily driving out of the garage, and she would be planning her escape.

Of course, he would always come home, and she never actually packed her bags and left. But the fight would continue for days, both too stubborn and angry to speak.

After working with Jim Fortin, Rebecca realized that she could apply his teachings to her relationship and perhaps stop these outlandish fights. And today, she shares with us the techniques she’s developed and uses to quickly end any fight with her fiancée. Now, when topics arise that used to cause conflicts that lasted for days, they apply these strategies and can discuss the issue and move on within minutes.

If you’ve ever been gridlocked in a fight with your spouse like this, or if you find the two of you fight over the same things again and again, then I’m certain a few of the tips that Rebecca shares with us today are going to surprise you. You will also be surprised to learn how easy it is for you to change your entire relationship by making these small changes.

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