019 Changing Communication by First Changing Your Story

May 1, 2019

019 Changing Communication by First Changing Your Story

May 1, 2019

Google, “things couples fight about” and communications is listed as number 2, right behind money. Couples complain that their spouses either never talk or never listen.

This week’s guest, Natalie Fisher, knows all too well the effects poor communication can have on a relationship. In this week’s episode, Natalie explains how frustrated she would become when her husband refused to communicate with her.

Their pattern would begin when her husband came home from work upset. Natalie would want him to talk about his feelings, and when he didn’t, she would become angry. Eventually, they would fight, which, of course would not improve her husband’s mood.

While experts agree that you cannot change your spouse by pleading, nagging, or manipulation, Natalie will tell you that you can change your spouse by first changing your own behavior. First, Natalie decided she was 100% responsible for the quality of her marriage. Then, she chose to react differently. Instead of repeatedly asking her husband to tell her about his day, she would ask once and then focus her attention elsewhere if he chose not to respond.

How did Natalie’s change in behavior change her marriage? Click on the play button above to find out!

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