017 Whatever You’re Doing in Life, There’s Always a Secondary Gain

Apr 17, 2019

017 Whatever You’re Doing in Life, There’s Always a Secondary Gain

Apr 17, 2019

One look at our business, and it’s easy to see that it’s about relationships. But the truth is, every business is about relationships, and not just the relationships you have with your clients or customers.

You may not realize it, but your business can only successful if your personal relationships are also successful.

In today’s episode, Adam Kiddoo explains exactly how he improved his business by first improving his relationship with his wife.

When Adam first launched his business, his wife was busy attending law school and launching her new career. In fact, she was so busy adapting to the demands of her new life, that she didn’t realize Adam and his business were struggling. Not only was Adam losing clients, but he was becoming resentful of his wife and blaming her for his failures.

Adam believed that he had to continually stop working are care for his wife when she became overwhelmed by the stress of her demanding career.

While a student in Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program, Adam learned that every pain we are experiencing has a secondary benefit. Which meant that Adam’s resentment of his wife was actually serving him in some way.

It didn’t take Adam long to discover that he was using his wife as his “most convenient excuse” to stay distracted so he could continue to play small and not grow his business.

Adam also realized that he was not being fully responsible for the condition of his relationship. He was blaming his wife for not being the spouse he wanted, but he hadn’t realized that he wasn’t being the spouse she likely wanted either. That’s when Adam decided to show up every day in his marriage with patience, love, and kindness.

Because our internal world creates our external world, changing the way he showed up in his marriage changed everything.

Listen to today’s episode to hear how Adam not only changed his behavior but completely changed the dynamics of his marriage simply by deciding to BE the patient, loving, and kind husband his wife needed.

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