012 The Healing Power of Working Together…and Automation

Mar 13, 2019

012 The Healing Power of Working Together…and Automation

Mar 13, 2019

We all have moments that mark our life. Moments that change us forever and after which life will never be the same. Moments that divide time into two parts: before and after. In this episode, Teresa and Dennis Edwards share that moment with us.

Teresa was working long hours and tossing and turning through sleepless nights, and the stress of running their remodeling business was starting to take its toll. Her symptoms began with fatigue and headaches, but soon progressed to much more until, one evening, Dennis walked in to find her unresponsive.

Dennis rushed her to the hospital and watched in fear as he heard the words, Code Stroke. Doctors and nurses rushed around the room running tests, drawing blood, and ordering scans.

Teresa was lucky. She didn’t have a stroke. Instead, she had developed complex migraines. With a “complex migraine,” symptoms can include weakness, loss of vision, or difficulty speaking in addition to a headache—often mimicking a stroke.

When Dennis brought Teresa home from the hospital, he knew life had to change. The doctors had been clear: the stress of entrepreneurship was literally killing her.

In addition to helping her incorporate stress-reducing habits such as meditation and yoga, Dennis took a step back from their company and looked for ways to improve operations so that less stress and responsibility fell on Teresa’s shoulders.

Of the many changes they made, the most important was to automate several steps in their business by leveraging technology and updating their marketing by incorporating digital ads. Since streamlining their company, they’ve increased business while working fewer hours.

After finding success for themselves, Teresa and Dennis knew they needed to share their systems and processes with other contractors. That’s why they’ve decided to launch a new venture: Contractors VIP. Contractors VIP includes a premade website complete with the funnels that Dennis and Teresa have successfully used in their own business.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

If you would like to contact Dennis and Teresa to learn more about their renovation company, Empire Remodeling, or their contractor marketing company, Contractors VIP, you can follow them on their Facebook business page:

Empire Remodling KC 

Or, you can email them at: 

Dennis at Dennis@ EmpireRemodelingKC.com


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