009 Success without Sacrifice (part 2)

Feb 20, 2019

009 Success without Sacrifice (part 2)

Feb 20, 2019

What do Julie Andrews, Jonny Depp, and Brad Pitt have in common?

They are 3 of the over 500 celebrity clients that Tracy Calvert attracted into her gifting business after she shifted her mindset and stopped believing she had to sacrifice in order to have success.

As you heard last week, Tracy’s beliefs that sacrifice was necessary for success brought pain and a debilitating injury into her life. But, once Tracy stopped living from fear, obligation, and guilt, she was able to change her thinking and heal her body.

This week, Tracy tells us about how she realized that if she could heal her body, she could also change the direction of her life. She realized she no longer had to accept long work hours and demanding clients who didn’t value her. By changing who she was and how she showed up in the world, Tracy began attracting magical clients, such as the Walt Disney Company (honestly, clients don’t get more magical than Disney), and clients who appreciated her.

After her first celebrity client, Tracy realized there was no limit to the impact her dreams could have on the world around her. So, Tracy began dreaming bigger and bigger…until she attracted Oprah herself as a client.

As many of you know, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on or think about. According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts literally become things. But simply thinking about a new car doesn’t necessarily bring it into your life. In this episode, Tracy gifts us (pun intended) with the 4 tools she uses to regularly attract amazing people and events into her life.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode 008: Success without Sacrifice (part 1)

Free Facebook group: Soul Aligned Success Society 

Facebook business page: Tracy Calvert 

Tracy’s website at www.tracycalvert.com


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