008 Success without Sacrifice (part 1)

Feb 13, 2019

008 Success without Sacrifice (part 1)

Feb 13, 2019

In 1996, Nikole graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Molecular Biology. At that time, genetic determinism—the idea that our genes are fixed, immutable, and outside of our conscious control—was the prevailing view of the scientific community. Nikole was taught that DNA existed in a specific order or pattern, and that pattern determined a person’s every trait, from eye color to a person’s ability to sing. And, since DNA replicated itself into the same pattern every time, genes were written in stone and expressed in a predictable way.

However, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Candace Pert, and other researchers have demonstrated that while the pattern of DNA may be written in stone, how it is expressed is not. In fact, DNA expression is controlled by signals from outside of the cell: it is controlled by the cell’s environment.

Change the cell’s environment, and the cell’s behavior and genetic characteristics change. A cell’s environment can be modified through nutrition, stress, or emotions (and these modifications are heritable).

You control your environment. Which means you control your genes and, ultimately, your destiny.

No one knows these facts more than today’s guest, Tracy Calvert. Tracy is a is a certified spiritual business coach for heart-centered, purpose-driven visionaries and leaders who desire to experience more impact, more money, and more soul clients, without sacrifice and with more ease and grace.

Today, Tracy shares with us the harrowing story of how she lost the use of her arm and became so ill that she lived in constant pain and could not care for herself. Even cutting and eating her food required assistance. Tracy’s injury was so severe, that doctors told her she would she would never use her arm again.

Instead of giving up, Tracy dove deep into the beliefs that put her into this situation. Tracy asked, “What was her body trying to tell her?”

From a place of pure surrender, Tracy realized that, at her core, she believed success required sacrifice. As she gained success, she continued to sacrifice until she found herself bedridden and disabled.

Tracy knew she had been driven to the brink by 3 core emotions: fear, obligation, and guilt. In today’s episode, Tracy explains how fear, obligation, and guilt, or FOG as she calls them, can shape your environment and affect your health and your success. She also gives you the tools to release the FOG and to step into your success without sacrifice.

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