007 Leaving Work at Work?

Feb 6, 2019

007 Leaving Work at Work?

Feb 6, 2019

Had Jay and Nikole been in business together when they started dating, their first date likely would have included impassioned discussions about the 5 levels of marketing sophistication, how colors affect branding, or why Facebook ads convert. For Jay and Nikole, separating the passion they feel for their company from the passion they feel for one another is difficult.

For a while, they created obscure rules about when they could and couldn’t talk about work. But loudly declaring, “No talking about work after the kids get home,” doesn’t do much to stop the conversation when one of them is inspired with a new tag line or remembers the payroll taxes are due tomorrow.

In this episode, Nikole and Jay don’t recommend building a wall between your worklife and homelife. When you love your job and are inspired by the company you are building with your significant other, you’re going to enjoy thinking, talking, and dreaming about work.

The truth is, when you work with your significant other, your work day is inevitably going to creep into your personal life and punishing yourself for wanting to share your day with your spouse, like any other couple, isn’t going to help.

However, Jay and Nikole do recommend carefully choosing what you bring home. You have the choice to talk about the clients, contractors, or technology that frustrated you. Or, you can choose to share your wins and achievements.

Rules shouldn’t prevent you from bragging to your loved one about the tweaks you made to a landing that improved conversions by 5% or the fact that you finally finished the copy for a sales page (or your podcast show notes). Our feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence rest on being able to take pride in our achievements. And sharing those achievements with the one person who truly understands their significance should never be prohibited just because the clock says it’s after 5.

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