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005 Tapping into Your Big Vision Together with Melanie Moore

Jan 23, 2019

005 Tapping into Your Big Vision Together with Melanie Moore

Jan 23, 2019

A company vision describes the strategic direction of what a company wants to be, do, and achieve in the future. They are often specific, purpose driven, inspiring, and challenging. Great vision statements stretch you—if you’re not a little bit afraid of your vision, then it’s not big enough.

Once a company has a defined vision, the company founders can begin devising strategies and setting goals to help achieve the company vision.

Given the importance of a company vision, it’s easy to say that a business won’t get far if its cofounders have different, or even conflicting, visions for the business. Practically speaking, cofounders won’t be developing the same strategies or could be setting conflicting goals if they don’t have the same company vision. And energetically speaking, working towards different visions can become exhausting.

In today’s episode, Melanie Moore explains the importance of having a very specific vision and suggests some ideas about how a couple can align their visions. Melanie also explains how you can use Emotional Freedom Technique, also called Tapping, to remove any limiting beliefs you may have about your new vision. This technique is especially useful if one of you has a vision that the other feels resistance towards.

First introduced to the public in 1995 by Gary Craig, Tapping is a form of acupressure that uses the fingertips to stimulate energy points on the body. If this is your first introduction to Tapping, Melanie provides a detailed description to help you better understand how and why Tapping works.

Melanie also walks Jay through a Tapping session on his fear of public speaking. A resource you may want to keep handy if you, too, dread jumping on stage or speaking in front of a crowd. Melanie has provided a detailed graphic to help you understand where the energy points on the body are located. Just click here and enter your name and email address for a copy today.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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