004 Mother-Daughter Cofounders Christine and Beki Camm

Jan 16, 2019

004 Mother-Daughter Cofounders Christine and Beki Camm

Jan 16, 2019

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother. ~Unknown

Since the beginning of time, a mother raised her daughter to be her reflection. She taught her the same skills she had mastered, and she sent her into the world to walk the same worn path she had walked. However, the industrial revolution and women’s liberation movement of the twentieth century shattered the mirror; for these daughters, reflecting their mothers was no longer enough. New freedoms and opportunities pulled them into lives previously unknown to women.

In this episode, Christine and Beki discuss how they have bridged the generational gap and surpassed typical mother-daughter dynamics to build a thriving online business. Christine had always dreamed of moving to France and teaching French to small groups of students in her living room. But Beki knew her mother needed to dream bigger. And so, Beki became the mirror for her mother, allowing Christine to see a version of herself she had never dreamed of…until now.


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Simply French website, Facebook business page, and Instagram

Simply French Family, Christine’s free Facebook group


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